Prosci Behaviour Change Management

Change management is our specialty and what we are globally known for! As the pace of change quickens and market demands increase, organizations are under intense pressure to transform processes, systems and job functions quickly and smoothly. However, issues including inconsistent approaches, conflicting projects, mixed messages, unwillingness to change and internal politics can impede the success of change initiatives. Leadership must learn to effectively communicate with a multi-generational, global, diverse, and mobile workforce.

At Smith & Co, we know that change management requires a holistic, data-driven, proactive and structured approach that addresses people risks. We can help you analyze your organization’s risk and readiness for large-scale change; design and execute a communication strategy; conduct job impact analyses; and design targeted workforce transition programs. We support the full life cycle of change process, ensuring effective and sustainable realization of business value. Prosci and ADAKAR’s world class methodologies are used when creating your specific strategy and plan of action.